We love the homeless … even homeless honey BEES!

We love the homeless … even homeless honey BEES!

Just like when we encounter our homeless human friends, most of us are not always quite sure what to do when they see honey bees in search of a new home! We have lots of questions: Are the bees lost? Are the bees sick? What can I do to help?

During spring and early summer it is not unusual to see honey bees out looking for a new home. You might see a swarm, or large cluster, of bees on a tree limb, light pole, fence post, lawn furniture or even in the walls of your home!  They may stay for just a few minutes or they may stay for several days while they form a “ball” around their queen intending to protect while they wait for scout bees to find them a new suitable home.

If you see a swarm of honey bees please call BeeLoved Trading! Our phone number is 918-928-1988. We will come all geared up with a new home for those bees. We would then add this new hive of bees to one of our apiaries, take care of them until they mature and then we will harvest their honey!


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