BeeLoved Trading allows us to provide vocational training for the homeless, recovering addicts, and under-resourced men, women, youth and children in our community. It is not just about the hard skills, the technical processes of beekeeping or running a business. It is also about the soft skills. We teach work habits, workplace confidence, self-care, showing up, working with others and leadership. It is really important that we teach those working with us the skills necessary to create a sustainable life as they take the next steps into building their future role in our community. They learn to work together as a team, build relationships, gain knowledge, build confidence and so much more.



This lived experience imitates how bees work to create honey, as a team – each with a unique role – trusting one another, which in turn mimics how the Kingdom of God works. There is a vulnerability to being alone, not having mentorship or leadership, but as a group, we are able to accomplish things we never could as individuals. We are able to break down self-destructive habits and create new habits, focused on God.