Spray Crops, Bees Drop

A dead, dried up flower blows in the wind

Spray Crops, Bees Drop


Bees’ entire way of life is formed around pollination. It determines their ability to make honey and feed themselves, which determines the longevity of the hive. So, when their ability to pollinate is prevented, the hive cannot survive. Bees’ pollination is being affected by the chemical “glyphosate,” which is the main ingredient in the most widely used herbicide in the world. Farmers use millions of pounds of it on their crops, which have been genetically engineered to withstand the chemical, every year.


Nearly all corn, soy, and cotton grown in the United States are treated with glyphosate. This is having a devastating impact on bee populations. The herbicide is preventing bees from being able to find food, so their colonies starve and die. The chemical may even be poisoning the bees themselves. If this trend continues, farmers will lose the invaluable pollination provided by the bees, which means less and less food will be produced. This reality is why so many people want farmers to stop using glyphosate on their crops, for the benefit of the bees, and the benefit of us all.


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