How to Plant a Pollinator Garden

Change it up – if you have a house and you have a lawn consider pulling it out, or at least modifying it and replace or restructure it with flowering plants. This creates food and space for honeybees, as well as other pollinators. If you have an apartment, grab some window boxes to hang outside, or some large pots for your deck.


how-to-plant-a-pollinator-gardenSelect your plants  – don’t just pick plants that grow once a year, consult a list of regional pollinators from your area to find plants that provides pollen for bees all year round. It is really important to use pollinators that are native to your region! Check out this resource for choosing the best plants.


Buy your pollinators – find a local nursery or garden store and buy your plants or seeds and soil. Make sure you avoid modern hybrid flowers, which have been modified to remove pollen and nectar in exchange for scent.


Plant your pollinators – get your plants into their new space, maybe with some new soil, and water them for the first time. The hole you put them in should be an inch or so deeper than the total height of the root ball. Make sure you place your plants in a location they will receive a lot of sunlight.


Take care – water your plants regularly, continue to make sure they get sunlight, and watch out for the kinds of bugs that could destroy your plants


Enjoy – watch your flowers, bushes, trees and other plants grow and flourish as you provide for pollinators!

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