Business on a Human Scale

We get asked a lot, “what is social entrepreneurship, and how does BeeLoved Trading fit into this category of business?”


As it is most often defined, “a social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being.” Simply, social enterprise is business on a human scale. We looked at the world around us, at the work we do at John 3:16 Mission, at the needs of those we serve in the homeless community and knew we had an opportunity to add this social enterprise effort and serve even our larger Tulsa community.



Our intent is to turn our profit into making a difference in the lives of those we serve, a difference in our community, and a difference in our world. That difference will start in teaching new job skills and ultimately job creation at BeeLoved Trading; from the craft of beekeeping, to product development, to fulfillment and distribution, and even marketing. These skills will help any who work at BeeLoved Trading be able to sustain themselves as they leave The Refuge.


The difference will be seen in the life of the bees we have in our apiaries at The Refuge. They will have an oasis of nature in the city of Tulsa, with pollinator plants to visit and pollen to carry to other vital plants. Helping to sustain the eco system and preserve honeybees.


Honey is just the beginning for BeeLoved Trading…we’ll be developing and rolling out other products made with our honey and beeswax, as well as other cool wearables and more! Producing a high quality product is important to us and we trust you will discover that for yourselves from your first purchase.


What’s great is that 100% of all profits will be poured right back in to those we serve, and the work we do each and every day at John 3:16 Mission. Your purchase has purpose. With every dollar you spend you will be helping us as we are SAVING BEES AND SAVING LIVES.


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